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What Does Daybreak Housing offer?

We offer private, lockable bedrooms in shared accommodation. Kitchens, washrooms, and common areas are shared with housemates. All houses have shared wifi, home phone, and cable TV in common areas.

How Do I Apply to Daybreak Housing?

You are welcome to contact or for more information on Daybreak or to discuss the application procedure.


If you have not already applied to The Registry, fill out the Social Housing Registry Application Form.  Please ensure that you check Daybreak Housing as an option. Applications must be completed in full, and returned to:

​The Registry 
2197 Riverside Drive, 5th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1H 1A9

Once you are approved for the Social Housing Registry, a member of Daybreak staff will reach out to you to complete a telephone interview to continue the application process. 


Contact Us


If you have any questions about living with Daybreak, please contact us at 613-236-8070, or email us at or


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