Partnerships and donors enable our residents with opportunities and programs. Our mission is to help residents rebuild their lives in a community setting. This is not always the easiest of objectives given the unpredictable dynamics of both internal and external forces. However, we are happy that another 12 residents moved into independent living over the course of 2018 and a further 10 in 2019. 

Our jobs are not easy but with the help of partnerships such as you who we thank today, Daybreak has been able to rebuild homes as well as provide specialized programming to those most in need.  We look forward to building new relationships, and strengthening the ones we have with you. In 2019, we offered a Wellness and Healthy Living Program with the help of a new partner from The Real You program.  

Please contact me, Richard at 613-236-8070, or to chat about Daybreak or for more information. 

And to the following congregations for ongoing support of our mission

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