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Donate. Volunteer. Planned Giving.

Support Us

You can help Daybreak Housing by supporting us as a donor or volunteer.

Daybreak Housing is a vital part of the ongoing effort to solve the problem of homelessness in Ottawa. With a few professional staff members supported by dedicated volunteers, we rely heavily on the larger community for funding. Click on the buttons below to see how you can help.

Ways To Support Our Community



Planned Giving

Many of our residents have faced homelessness as a result of life crises they couldn't resolve on their own. Your donation will make a substantial difference in their lives.

Volunteers play a vital role in Daybreak's operations.
Click below to find out more on becoming a volunteer.

Planned Giving is a way of making a sizable donation in your memory. You may choose to remember Daybreak in your will, or as the beneficiary of an insurance policy or insured annuity.

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