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June 2024 - CTV News

Watch the feature on CTV News, which showcases our project helping refugees find housing in Ottawa: Watch here

May 2023 - Notice of Generous Funding Received

Daybreak Housing is thrilled to announce that we have received a generous grant of $19,247 from the Jim and Dorothy Fulford Fund, provided by the Ottawa Community Foundation. This incredible support will greatly contribute to sustaining our operations and enhancing the lives of our residents.


The Jim and Dorothy Fulford Fund, administered by the Ottawa Community Foundation, have been instrumental in enabling us to purchase new furnishings for our housing facilities. By creating a comfortable and welcoming environment, we aim to provide our residents with a sense of home and security.


In addition to supporting our furnishing needs, the funding will also subsidize social activities for our residents. We strongly believe in the power of fostering community and social interactions, as they play a crucial role in promoting well-being and a sense of belonging.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Jim and Dorothy Fulford Fund and the Ottawa Community Foundation for their unwavering support. It is through their generosity and commitment to our cause that we are able to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.


We would also like to encourage our community members to learn more about the Ottawa Community Foundation and the incredible work they do. Visit their website at [] to discover how you can get involved and support their mission of making Ottawa a better place for all.


Once again, we express our deepest appreciation to the Jim and Dorothy Fulford Fund and the Ottawa Community Foundation. Together, we are making a positive impact on the lives of our residents.


On July 24th, 2023, Staff, 19 residents and 3 friends of residents went on a 1000 Island Cruise. Residents were ecstatic to be able to attend this event. Read more

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